Options and Accessories Available for InLine Cleaning Systems Industrial Parts Washers

Options and Accessories Available for InLine Cleaning Systems Industrial Parts Washers

All InLine machines are available with the following options and accessories:

Stainless Steel
Much more durable than mild steel. All InLine machines with rinse and dry stages use stainless steel for wetted parts. For increased strength, longer life, and greater compatibility with harsh cleaning and treatment processes, you can upgrade any machine entirely to stainless steel.

Compressed Air Blow-Off
Where complete drying may not be required, this is an inexpensive option to the addition of a dryer stage containing blower supplied air knifes.

Adjustable Guide Rails
These easily adjusted rails allows you to locate your product as it passes through washer.

Regenerative Blower
As an option to using compressed air to blow-off excess water a regenerative blower can be used. The added heat from the regenerative blower provides more efficient drying and eliminates possible contamination that may occur using compressed air.

Power Steam Vent
Removes water vapor from the machine processing chambers, and prevents the build-up of excess humidity in the surrounding work area. Using a power steam vent significantly improves drying efficiency.

Mist Collector
Choosing this option as opposed to the Power Steam Vent eliminates the necessity of venting steam through the roof of your facility. Additionally, this feature reduces water consumption.

Filtration System
Continuously filters solid particles from the wash solution, which results in more efficient cleaning performance. You can use the Sump Sweep™ system to periodically remove waste build up from the bottom of the sump.

Heavy Duty Casters
Easily move the washer with these optional locking casters.

Oil Skimmer and Container
The integrated high-capacity oil skimmer effectively removes petroleum products from the cleaning solution. The removable collection container provides a means for convenient waste collection and disposal.

Digital Temperature and Conveyor Speed Controllers
Allow you to precisely set the wash and rinse solution temperatures and the speed of the conveyor. The controllers include LED readouts on the control panel which allow you to visually monitor the temperature and speed at a glance.

Touch Screen Control
Easily monitor and control all parameters of your system with a touch screen interface.

Powered Rollers
In addition to several steel belting options we also offer a powered roller conveyor option. This option is ideal for long parts.

Plastic Conveyor
For easily scratched parts, opt for our plastic conveyor.

Product Sensing and Sequencing
When no product is passing through the washer, this feature will shut down the pumps and blowers, thus reducing energy consumption.