Standard Features Available on InLine Cleaning Systems Industrial Parts Washers

The following features assume a typical wash/rinse/dry pass through system:

High-Volume Precision Cleaning and Rinsing
The standard wash and rinse stages use high-capacity pumps and rapid-response heating elements to thoroughly flood parts with high volumes of hot wash and rinse solution. The precisely engineered multi-direction spray patterns provide 360° part coverage, aggressively scrubbing and rinsing parts clean in seconds.

Oil Skimmer and Container
The integrated high-capacity oil skimmer effectively removes petroleum products from the cleaning solution. The removable collection container provides a means for convenient waste collection and disposal.

Auto-Fill and Low-Water Safety Systems
The auto-fill and low-water safety systems automatically monitor and maintain wash solution levels in the sump chamber. The auto-fill system ensures that the wash solution remains at optimum levels. The low-water safety system disconnects power to the heating elements to prevent overheating or element burnout if the wash solution drops below safe levels.

Continuous Large-Particle Filtration
The patented front-access debris screen continuously filters debris particles from the cleaning solution to ensure blockage-free spray nozzle operation. The screen also provides a safeguard against small parts that might accidentally be blasted through from the wash chamber.

High-Efficiency Drying
The standard dry stage uses a centrifugal blower and adjustable air knives or nozzles to generate high-velocity clean air for rapid drying. Easy access butterfly valves allow precise air flow adjustment. Optional heater raises the temperature above 200 F for even more effective drying.

Enclosed Blower Motor
The blower motor is fully enclosed behind large, easy-access panels beneath the outfeed deck. Enclosing the motor cuts down on noise, reduces intake filter contamination, and creates a smaller, cleaner machine footprint.

Convenient Ergonomic Design
The infeed and outfeed decks are a comfortable 38 or 41 inches off the floor to minimize stooping and lifting. Standard tunnel widths from 16 inches wide up to 60 inches, and custom designs over 60 inches are also available. Conveyor belts are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or a variety of plastic materials.